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90 days and 90 mins

Joshua Singh
Joshua Singh
The last 90 days have been monumental for me. 
I have been consistent for 90 minutes at the gym every day and I’ve seen a massive difference. 
I believe that consistent people win over other people that just live moment by moment. 
As well as losing weight, I’ve been able to build muscle. 
I’ve also noticed that one day of not exercising impacts your momentum. 
I’m usually up by 4:30 am – 4:45 am - ready to hit the workout by 5 am and have a good group of people together. 
So what am I saying out of all of this to you?
  • Consistency always wins
  • Health is wealth
  • The discipline of getting up and setting up your day right is critical to productivity 
  • The focus isn’t losing weight, the focus is a consistent lifestyle.
Side-note: I’m still working on eating healthy every single day, it’s still a challenge, but I am putting in place boundaries and restrictions. 
Lastly, I’d like to note: Treat your body like an asset, or else it may end up being a liability. 
If you need a trainer, reply to this email, and I will connect you to the right person.
Develop your routine, automate the aspects of your life and thrive. 
With kindness 

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Joshua Singh
Joshua Singh @joshuajsingh

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