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Joshua Singh
Joshua Singh
Here are some changes, I strongly believe are already changing the world
Crypto & De-centralised Finance - more and more people are going into Crypto, I am heavily invested in this and have seen huge returns in 2 years. Be careful though, get lots of advice before you do anything in this financial space…
Social communications - They call it Web 3.0 - the evolved internet, may be called ‘Metaverse’…people will have digital experiences that will be felt like physical reality. Scary I know, but don’t be afraid
Energy - Uranium is going to be the cleaner version of energy, the price of Uranium stocks has increased over 400% in the last year
Human life is advancing, Jesus is returning, I believe we are in the last days, last seconds, but more importantly, I believe more people are being distracted and many hearts are growing cold for Jesus.
My prayer for you is that you focus on Jesus, position yourself to be prepared for what is coming and don’t be afraid.
Embracing change with you,

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Joshua Singh
Joshua Singh @joshuajsingh

Every issue will bring revelation for the week for you to ponder upon. Revelation builds faith and without faith, nothing significant can begin. Every genesis requires a significant revelation

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