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Urgent - God told me to send this to you now...

Joshua Singh
Joshua Singh
I was instructed to send this email to you now, by the Holy Spirit…
Anger, bitterness, resentment, all live in the city of offense. In-fact they all live in the same house, all uninvited guests when the guard of your heart is let down
Forgive so you don’t have to live in this city and in this household.
This is the timeline of people when offended:
  1. They isolate from people.
  2. They slowly leave environments that once gave them nourishment.
  3. They broadcast their bias narrative secretly and recruit others to join them.
  4. They stop communicating with people that can help them and limit conversations to a certain group
Can I encourage you to evaluate your heart, please forgive those who have hurt you. Forgive so you let yourself out of prison. Forgive, so your soul can breath and not suffocate.
The problem with bitterness is that if you don’t address it, it stays with you wherever you go
Do you have an offense that has unknowingly taken root in your heart?
I have seen people die emotionally, before they die physically. This is a reality.
You can overcome all offences when your identity is secure in Christ.

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Joshua Singh
Joshua Singh @joshuajsingh

Every issue will bring revelation for the week for you to ponder upon. Revelation builds faith and without faith, nothing significant can begin. Every genesis requires a significant revelation

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